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New comprehensive multi-functional Strategic Performance Management solution for Government

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Issued by Gen2 Enterprise Services SA (Pty) Ltd Pretoria, South Africa — 17th May 2021

Gen2 Enterprise Services SA (Pty) Ltd launches a unique and comprehensive multi-functional platform to enable government and related public sector entities to manage their strategic performance effectively for valued services delivery.

Gen2 Enterprise Services SA (Pty) Ltd, part of the Gen2 Group, a provider of financial, strategic performance management and project management solutions for both the private and public sector, today announced the launch of a performance management solution into the public sector. The new SMART Performance Management System is a comprehensive, web-based performance management platform that manages the entire annual performance management cycle, that includes strategic and annual operational plan development through to monthly, quarterly, interim and annual reporting cycles.

The SMART Performance Management solution will effectively manage and deliver performance across all government entities that must align to the National Development Plan. The SMART strategic management platform has been designed to encompass each of the performance management frameworks advocated by government to achieve the delivery of valued services to all public sector clients.

The SMART solution was developed by taking into consideration the performance management requirements of three key government departments that drive service delivery through the prudent use of both financial and human resources.

Firstly, all performance management standards set by the Presidency’s Department of Monitoring and Evaluation to ensure performance in delivering valued services have been considered, including the effective communication of performance to all citizens and businesses. Secondly, the SMART solution complies to the requirements of the Auditor-General to ensure the integrity of reported historical, financial and strategic performance information, as well as future reporting improvements. Thirdly, National Treasury’s requirements to ensure that allocated budgets achieve optimal performance for a well-run government have been considered. The SMART solution enables all of the above entities to work together to ensure the ultimate objective; to deliver on the National Development Plan to build a growing and sustainable economy that serves the needs of all South Africans.

Gen2 Enterprise Services SA’s SMART Performance Management Solution has been designed to be user driven, with comprehensive upfront training and ongoing support to clients.

The platform can be used to circumvent expensive consulting interventions, as it trains users to both understand and proactively put into practice the many requirements being imposed on public entities by government. These include the use of prescribed performance management frameworks, such as the Logic Model and the Theory of Change, the development of prudent and insightful measures of performance, effective monitoring and evaluation through ongoing self-auditing, strategic risk assessment and the mitigation of resulting risks.

Most importantly, the SMART Performance Management solution not only aligns, but actually couples strategic performance to human resource performance. This ensures that strategic objective targets are achieved through the deployment of skilled, competent human resources who are equipped to deliver performance through 5-Year Strategic Plans and Annual Performance Plans. In the case of local government, the Integrated Development Plans and annual Service Delivery Budget Implementation Plans are also catered for by the SMART Performance Management solution.

The SMART Performance Management solution is set to address many of the challenges government is currently facing. Driving improved performance delivery is a vital component for more diligent governance, thus spearheading sustainable economic growth.

The SMART Performance Management solution is available as a SaaS [Software As A Service] and is hosted on a virtual platform, with full compliance to all necessary security protocols.

Gen2 Enterprise Services SA believes that its SMART Performance Management solution can play a significant role in enabling all government entities to deliver valued services across municipalities, provincial and national departments and their related government-owned entities, as well as state-owned enterprises.

Gen2 Enterprise Services SA continues to differentiate their products in the market by adopting best-of-breed solutions that are highly customisable to the needs of the South African market.

Gen2 Enterprise Services SA Managing Director Bruce Moepye states - “We are committed to continually adopting innovative add-on solutions that create a competitive advantage for the company, as well as for our existing and new customers."

The Gen2 Group, in partnership with ITWeb, conducts surveys and thought-leadership opinion pieces on the utilisation of their products from time to time. These communications assist clients in gauging and understanding the current performance management landscape in South Africa and are frequently published by ITWeb.

About Gen2 Enterprise Services SA (Pty) Ltd

Gen2 Enterprise Services SA, is part of the Gen2 Group of companies which is the official SA Office representative and provider of financial and performance management software solutions in South Africa and Africa. The South African operation is located in Centurion and supported by a formidable consulting team and technical infrastructure.

Press Contact: Bruce Moepye, Gen2 Enterprise Services SA (Pty) Ltd,, +27 79 693 8191.

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