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GEN2 SA has invested in South Africa by developing specific solutions for use in the Private and Public Sectors in South Africa. By utilising our extensive experience in online Public Sector Performance Management, Financial Management, Procurement, Business Planning and Budgeting, we developed the SMART Performance Management Software Solution to address the unique challenges and conditions experienced locally. 

Our new SMART Performance Management solution has been designed for efficient strategic planning and diligent execution in the public sector. Our solution generates strategic plans, monitors, and controls the successful implementation to realise measurable performance across all forms of public entities and NPO’s.

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Planning Budgeting & Reporting

Compliance can be confidently ensured throughout the year, through the use of self-auditing templates, that should help avert findings in legislated audits.  The solution links people performance to strategic plan execution, while building competence and capability across the resource base. Once the planning process is completed risk can be managed using the solutions risk mitigation process in an integrated manner, thereby ensuring good governance and sustainable valued service delivery performance.

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Planning Tools

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